The Mender Configure add-on package is required. See the Mender features page for an overview of all Mender plans and features.


Configure is a Mender add-on package that allows the application of the configuration to the device using Mender. It is possible to create and apply configuration for the device using Mender UI (see the pictures below).

configuration-1 configuration-2 configuration-3

How it works

Mender applies configuration in a similar way as software updates. deviceconfig is a microservice on the server responsible for "translating" a configuration change made in the UI into a deployment. It then proceeds to trigger a deployment to the device using the same mechanism used in OTA, the deployments microservice.

On the device side, a specialized update module is responsible for applying the configuration. You can find more information about the configuration update module on Mender Hub. The picture below shows the configuration update flow.



There are no special device requirements for using Mender Configure, but editing the configuration from the UI is not supported if the device is using signed Artifacts. It is still possible to see reported configuration the UI. Configure Artifacts can be deployed with a manually signed Artifact, by following the regular Artifact deployment flow.

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